About Us

The Property Masters was founded by Tony Cowan over 8 years ago. Originally The Property Masters were conventional selling agents for many years helping clients sell their properties and land. 

Along the way, TPM have helped a number of clients purchase property in both residential and commercial fields.

This led to the Property Masters change from working with clients selling their homes, to clients looking to purchase their homes...and becoming their Buyers Agent Perth.

Our previous background has been a fantastic asset when dealing with RE agents as we know personally many of them currently working in the market. We're also able to talk to them from an understanding of their position and able to be very direct when negotiating the sale of the said property.

These relationships help give us privileged access to properties before they hit the market. In many cases, these properties are sold off market which the general public would not be aware of. This is only part of the large range of services a Buyers Agent brings.

Our team has a broad background in all aspects of real estate which gives clients the comfort of knowing they are in excellent hands. Engage The Property Masters as your Buyers Agent and let us take away all your stress of purchasing a property