7 Day VIP Perth Property & Lifestyle Tours

To help with the process of acquiring a visa to live in Australia, the Australian Government look upon an individual visiting Perth (or anywhere in Australia they would like to live) very favourably, as you have shown willing to come and see Australia and where you would like to live, prior to your application being made.

The Property Masters conduct a 7 Day VIP Perth Property and Lifestyle Tour where we take care of everything for the whole 7 days you are here. (you can choose to stay longer if you wish).

From picking you and luggage up a the airport, we have an all inclusive package which covers:

  • All accommodation costs with double room with river views

  • Lunch and dinner including all food and drink (including alcohol - beer, wine and soft drinks)

  • All transport arrangements

  • All incidental expenses such as entry fees, tasting fees, boat fees etc.

  • Transport to airport with luggage

  • An interpreter will be provided for those who require one

Costs are: US$2950 per person / couple = US$5900. Double room including breakfast..

US$3000 per person for single room including breakfast

Each day is spent showing a combination of property sites in various areas around the city. In addition you will be shown a number of schools and colleges, as well as shopping centres, supermarkets and high street shopping.


We will arrange a one on one meeting with the migration agent and Tony Cowan from The Property Masters to discuss your particular circumstances and options available to you. 

We can also arrange an appointment at the Commonwealth Bank to open a bank account if you wish.

Please check out our BROCHURE to see how comprehensive it is.


For further information, please send us an email. Thank you.