Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Will I Benefit From Using A Buyers Agent?

If you have tried to find a property before you will have an idea as to how frustrating and time consuming it can be. Once we have taken you on as a client, we take care of the whole process from searching for the right property for you, right through to you opening the front door on the day you move in.

Why Shouldn't I Use A Normal Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agents represent the seller and consequently are not acting in your best interests, they are acting in the sellers best interests. So how can you get the best deal? We have your best interests at heart (and only yours), so we'll be giving you honest, factual advice right throughout the process. Also we show you what's on the whole market, not just what the real estate agent has on their books.

Will I See Properties That Aren't On The Open Market?

Most certainly. Although we preview most of our properties through real estate agents, we also have a network of professionals who also manage off market properties for their clients. Many of these are sold without using an agent.

Will I Be Penalised If I Start A Search But Do Not Proceed?

No. If your circumstances change during the search period and you do not buy a property, no additional charges will be due.

Will You Manage The Whole Process For Me?

Yes indeed. That's why you should use our services. We manage the whole process from searching for the right property for you, managing viewings, negotiating the sale price, taking care of the due diligence period, right through to you opening the front door on the day you move in.

How Much Time Will I Save?

Their are statistics that tell us that people spend nearly 70 hours just searching the internet, ringing agents and viewing unsuitable and uninspiring properties before they find the right one. Then they might lose it! As we do all the hard work for you, our clients spend on average around 6-8 hours on their search - most of which is spent viewing the potential properties we have found for you. There simply isn't a faster, easier way to purchase your ideal property.

How Many Properties Will Be Shortlisted?

Again this depends on the client and the type of property they are looking for. Some clients have already started searching and know exactly what they want. If that is the case then we'll only show you say 2-3 properties. On the other hand you may wish to view a wider range as you are not sure of the suburb for instance, then you could see 8-10...or even more. It all depends on the brief you give us.

Will You Handle The Purchase Funds For Me?

Although we have an audited trust account, the funds are normally held for you with your lawyer or conveyancer or the sellers lawyer or conveyancer. We oversee this process for you and your money will be secure by law.

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