How to take the stress out of moving house

Moving house is often cited as one of life’s most stressful events – and complaints to consumer watchdogs reflect this. In the second half of 2013...

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Energy Bills

General tips to save energy & money in your home

In colder weather, embrace your woollen jumpers, sweat pants and fleece-lined boots and try not to turn on the heater until you really need to. Invest...

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retired couple

When downsizing, is selling my home the right decision?

Once you’re no longer working, the decision to sell your home can be challenging. There are many financial, practical and emotional factors to consi...

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5 things to remember when you move house

There’s nothing like the excitement of seeing a ‘sold’ sticker on your new home, or your name on the rental property lease. But before you move ...

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Saving Money

Strategies to save for your home deposit – quickly!

If you’re still feeling in shock after receiving your latest electricity bill, you may be concerned about the health of your bank balance. These str...

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Are you looking to upgrade your home? If it is a bigger house or better location, then here are some tips for you to consider: 1. how much more commi...

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2 houses


Are you a move-up Buyer? Looking to upgrade your current unit or house to a bigger house or better neighbourhood? If that sounds like you, read on f...

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Couple signing

7 Secrets of Buying

7 secrets of buying Get your finances in order Before you start, consider how much you can afford. Take into account your savings: how much you can b...

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clean house

Top 5 Tips in Preparing Your Home

Top 5 Tips in Preparing Your Home clean your property from top to bottom, inside and out. If your property stands head and shoulders above your compet...

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Home DIY

Weekend DIY Tips

Weekend DIY Tips There are dozens of easy improvements, big and small, that you could do around the house to improve the look and feel and most import...

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Money house

Accelerate your home ownership with 5 simple changes

Accelerate your home ownership with 5 simple changes We all dream of owning our homes outright, but when we sign up for a 20 or 30 year home loan it c...

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Feeling the Chill but scared of BIG Bills?

Feeling the Chill but scared of BIG Bills? Perth is starting to get chilly so you need to know the best way to heat things up so your home is comfort...

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Transfer of land

It’s the Little Things That Count at Settlement

It’s the Little Things That Count at Settlement Once an Offer and Acceptance has gone “unconditional” on a sellers property, time se...

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Perth Property Oversupply

Perth Property Oversupply New data shows that the number of properties on the Perth market has reached 14,000, while the number of homes for...

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What’s Your Garage Doing?

What’s Your Garage Doing? Do you use your garage to house the car or store stuff? So often we treat the garage as a spare room for storing disca...

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Bathroom Grout Repair

Bathroom Grout Repair No matter how thoroughly a bath room is kept clean, the grout between the tiles starts to wear and becomes discoloured or mouldy...

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For sale

Five Reasons Your House Didn’t Sell

Five Reasons Your House Didn’t Sell The house wasn’t priced correctly. People are emotionally attached to their own houses, especially if the...

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Tips to Remove Clutter

Tips to Remove Clutter It’s not uncommon to develop some hoarder-like tendencies when you live in a home for an extended period of time. The trick i...

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Building Plans

Ready Set Build

Ready Set Build The winter months often sees us spending more time at home. It can bring to light things around the home that need fixing. Jumping int...

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New Suburbs Turn Green

New Suburbs Turn Green Is this the way for the suburbs of our future? Two major development projects on either sides of the country have rated tops fo...

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Cardboard House

Errors to avoid when selling your home

Errors to avoid when selling your home Selling a property isn’t easy. The industry is constantly changing, which can make the whole process even mor...

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Perth Apartment Hotspots

Perth Apartment Hotspots Even in the middle of a buyer’s market, many Perth suburbs continue to record median price growth in the past year. We deci...

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Paperwork to throw away

Paperwork to throw away It is that time of the year where we are about to start Spring cleaning.  One thing we can tackle is paperwork in our home of...

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Smoke Detector 2

Smoke alarms and installation dates

Often the date when a smoke alarm is installed can be several years after the manufacture date, so you may not be able to enjoy the full product life ...

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Expensive suburb 2

Perths Most Expensive Suburbs

Ever wondered which Perth suburbs have the highest median house price? They’re the suburbs with the lavish million dollar price tags and perfectly ...

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Investing in Commercial Property is easier than you think

  Many property investors start out investing in homes.  But, after a while, the more sophisticated investor looks to broaden their portfolio. ...

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Borow money 2

Borrowers shopping around

Aussie home buyers are more likely to shop around for a good deal on their home loan than stick with their regular bank, new research shows.  Survey ...

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Property stand out 200

How to make your investment property stand out to tenants

With rental listings in Perth hovering above the long term average right now, competition to secure tenants has increased. So what can you do to make ...

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Land Tax

What is depreciable in an investment property?

It won’t cost an investor a cent to claim deductions correctly as even the cost of a depreciation schedule is 100% tax deductible. Around 1.8 mi...

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Don’t make a ‘fed up’ purchase!

It’s only natural to feel disillusioned when you cannot find the right property within your budget. The important thing to remember is not to give i...

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WA land holders feel pain of State Government land tax hike!

Last week, Western Australian residents received their most recent land tax bills and the land tax rates and thresholds have increased for the third y...

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Want the right paint? Ask the right questions

Walking into a hardware store to find paint for your home can be daunting. It seems that each colour comes in at least sixteen shades and then there...

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For sale

Three reasons to sell your home!

Deciding when to sell your home can be confusing – particularly with so much conflicting advice and information available.  The truth is, the ̶...

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Upmarket growth suburbs

Best upmarket growth suburbs!

Water is the word when it comes to capital growth in Australia’s upmarket apartment scene.  Suburbs clustered around rivers, beaches and Australi...

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consumer sentiment

Consumer sentiment down in Western Australia!

Consumer sentiment in Western Australia dampened further to 87.5 in September 2015, down 5.2 per cent from 92.3 in the previous month. The decline in ...

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improved road

REIWA supports improved road infrastructure.

REIWA supports the proposal put forward by Main Roads to the State Government for improved surface road infrastructure or a tunnel to be built under ...

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strata changes

REIWA welcomes changes to the Strata Titles Act!

REIWA has welcomed the proposed changes to the Strata Titles Act which aim to provide more flexibility in strata developments and provide for better c...

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Perth property market shows signs of stabilising!

The Perth property market is displaying signs it is starting to stabilise with the latest preliminary data showing that the median house pri...

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Tech savvy tenants changing rental landscape!

A recent study by Optus and McCrindle found that renters make up 30 per cent of Australia’s property landscape and that tenants are becoming increas...

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perth market slow

Perth property market slow but steady!

Perth’s property market was impacted by seasonal influences in the three months to December, but when compared to the year prior results reflected t...

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Bertram (ROOFTOPS) added for sale signs

Values on the move again!

Values on the move again! Home values have lifted again after a few quiet months, according to new figures for January. The January 2016 Core Logic RP...

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Signs of improvement in areas of Perth’s tough rental market!

Signs of improvement in areas of Perth’s tough rental market! Perth’s rental market continued to feel the impact of slowing migration trends in th...

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auction hammer

Avoiding auction nightmares

Avoiding auction nightmares! All you need for a property to sell for a silly price at auction is to have two poorly researched, emotional buyers who g...

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Renovating: How much risk is too much?

Renovating: How much risk is too much? If you’re embarking on a renovation project have you taken the time to work out your risk profile? Confused? ...

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Autumn gardening tasks

Autumn gardening tasks… Whether your garden is on a balcony or acreage, Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy harvesting, pruning, planning and pl...

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Perth house prices steady and sales activity up!

Perth house prices steady and sales activity up! Perth’s median house price remained stable in March while reported sales activity in the metropolit...

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Paradox at heart of the housing market.

Paradox at heart of the housing market. While Australians think now is a good time to buy, they also believe the market is vulnerable to a correction...

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