Home Improvements


Autumn gardening tasks

Autumn gardening tasks… Whether your garden is on a balcony or acreage, Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy harvesting, pruning, planning and pl...

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Tips to Remove Clutter

Tips to Remove Clutter It’s not uncommon to develop some hoarder-like tendencies when you live in a home for an extended period of time. The trick i...

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Bathroom Grout Repair

Bathroom Grout Repair No matter how thoroughly a bath room is kept clean, the grout between the tiles starts to wear and becomes discoloured or mouldy...

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What’s Your Garage Doing?

What’s Your Garage Doing? Do you use your garage to house the car or store stuff? So often we treat the garage as a spare room for storing disca...

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Home DIY

Weekend DIY Tips

Weekend DIY Tips There are dozens of easy improvements, big and small, that you could do around the house to improve the look and feel and most import...

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